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  • Ownership, leasing, operation, maintenance, and use of aircraft
  • Airport licensing and start-ups
  • Pilot license & aeromedical issues
  • Aviation accident cases (private, commercial, and military sectors)
  • Trustee service for foreign companies desiring to have a U.S. registered aircraft
  • Fixed Base Operations and Flight Schools
  • Homeland Security Compliance
Florida Bar Certified in Aviation Law

Estate of a Pilot

The firm was recently involved in a case involving the estate of a pilot and his son-in-law who were tragically killed when an engine bearing seized causing a connecting rod failure and subsequent crankcase damage. Hot engine oil covered the windscreen and entered the cockpit which led to an unsuccessful attempt of an off airport landing. The firm maintained an action against both the engine manufacturer as well as the bearing manufacturer for the deaths of the pilot and his son-in-law. The case was recently resolved with a substantial award to the families of the deceased pilots.vinar dapibus leo.

Aircraft Manufacturer

The firm was also recently involved and settled a case against an aircraft manufacturer whose pilot was giving factory demonstrations of its aircraft to a law enforcement agency in South Africa. The demonstration pilot improperly feathered the propeller of the turbine engine, which lead to a crash landing on an airport injuring several people aboard the aircraft. In the course of the investigation it was found that the demonstration pilot had been drinking heavily the night before, as evidenced by a copious bar tab at his hotel. A very favorable settlement was achieved during the course of litigation for our client.

Cases Against the FAA

In pilot representation cases against the FAA, the firm has recently settled several cases involving low flying/buzzing, airspace violations, including Presidential TFR violations and gear-up landing cases. The firm has also represented pilots who have reported more than one DUI as is required by the regulations and has resolved those satisfactorily.

Buying and Selling of Aircraft

We have helped many pilots and businesses in the buying and selling of aircraft, from Global Express jets to VLJs as well as many piston powered aircraft.

Land Owners, Home Owners and Developers

The firm is currently engaged in representing both individuals and homeowners in disputes that frequently arise on air parks with developers or other owners and associations. The firm is also engaged in the licensing of private airports in the north Florida region and works in conjunction with land owners and developers as well as disputes among homeowners in flying communities.

Seizure of Aircraft

The firm has represented aircraft owners faced with seizure of their aircraft by government authorities.