Veterinary Practice Sale & Acquisition

At Ludwig Hulsey, P.A. Attorneys at Law, we understand the purchase or sale of a veterinary practice is a complicated process and experienced legal counsel in both business transactions and the veterinary industry is essential.  It’s important to have attorneys to ensure the practice transitions smoothly into the hands of the buyer and legal liabilities are minimized.

Selling a veterinary practice is one of the largest financial transaction of a veterinarian’s lifetime and involves more than just setting a price. We offer services that comprise veterinary practice sales which is why you should seek legal representation for a streamlined transition such as negotiating buy outs, purchase and sale agreements, writing and reviewing of sale, title, and lease documentations, mergers, and much more!

Veterinary Practice Sale & Acquisition Jacksonville Florida

What About Buying a Veterinary Practice?

The demand for veterinarian services have been on the rise as more people are invested in their furry friends.  Buying a veterinary practice allows you to set the quality of care and level of client service, and open opportunities for significant financial achievement.

When buying a veterinary practice, it requires as much attention to detail as a veterinary practice sale. This involves preparation in the form of tax planning, financial modeling, and negotiation by knowledgeable attorneys to deliver the new practice as efficiently as possible. Consider factors such as existing patient base, size of the practice, and location. Similarly, there are concerns that commonly go unnoticed and could interfere with the transition.

While veterinarians do not have to comply with HIPAA regulations, they are still subject to other legal and financial consequences presented in commercial transactions.  Don’t risk buying or selling a practice without qualified legal representation in the veterinary industry that Ludwig Hulsey offers.

Veterinary Practice Transition Services

Ludwig Hulsey can help you in several ways when it comes to buying or selling a dental practice:

  • Review & negation of independent contractor agreements
  • Writing and reviewing of asset purchase agreements along with title and lease documentations

  • Incorporation of the dental entity that will hold the practice including PAs.

  • Negotiating of the Asset Purchase Agreement

  • Structuring of veterinary practice interactions

  • Everything related to acquisition and financing

  • Forming of LLCs and partnerships

Why choose Ludwig Hulsey, P.A. Attorneys at Law

Whether you are currently working in another veterinary practice or just graduating from school, our expert legal team at Ludwig Hulsey can help you navigate the unfamiliar intricacy of negotiations, finances, and practice ownership.

We are experienced in veterinary practice transactions and can bring a high level of expertise to the veterinary industry community. We’re experienced negotiators and with our experience, we understand the world of veterinary practice.  Let us help you sell or buy your veterinary practice today.  Call today at (904) 281-0145!